John Nohr for
Camas City Council

Why Vote for John Nohr?

My family and I have enjoyed being a part of this wonderful community with its small-town feel that makes the city such a special place to live. I have also watched Camas grow over the years, and I recognize the need for innovative governance and collaborative, strategic planning to ensure we maintain our sense of community as Camas continues to evolve.

I have spent my adult lifetime working in public service and public safety. Keeping residents safe is the most important function of any city, including providing safe drinking water and safe streets, parks, and schools, as well as numerous other services that residents rely on every day. I was appointed to the Camas City Council in October 2022 to represent the Camas residents of Ward 1. As your current city councilor, I strive to use my decades of experience as a firefighter, paramedic, and leader to help inform decision-making to keep individuals and families safe.

As an experienced public employee, I understand the need for responsive, high-quality services for Camas residents while prioritizing community issues and the allocation of scarce resources. I believe we have opportunities to work together to uphold standards of transparency, determine shared goals, and focus our efforts on the well-being of residents during times of prosperity and economic hardship. I approach leadership using integrity, inclusion, and communication as my guiding values which have provided me with a reliable framework for community engagement and thoughtful decision-making over the course of my professional career.

Professional Qualifications

As a firefighter and emergency medical service provider since 1985, I possess valuable skills applicable to my position as a city councilor. I worked for Portland Fire and Rescue for more than 28 years as a firefighter, paramedic, captain, and chief officer. One of my proudest achievements as a firefighter was my time spent as the Emergency Operations Chief, leading over 550 personnel in service to the community, working daily to keep the community safe. In addition to managing major emergencies, I also gained skills in personnel management, municipal budgeting, contract negotiations, neighborhood community engagement, and infrastructure development. In addition to being the Emergency Operations Chief, I also spent time as the Fire Marshal for the City of Portland where I worked with multiple businesses and industry officials to ensure standards of quality for building infrastructure were upheld.

In 2016, I accepted the Fire Chief position for Clark-Cowlitz Fire Rescue (CCFR), serving Ridgefield, La Center, Woodland, the Cowlitz Indian Reservation, and rural Clark County. At CCFR, I have worked with residents and staff to build a stronger, more resilient public safety agency. Leading the organization with an eye toward sound fiscal management, CCFR has purchased new fire engines, hired more firefighters to serve residents, and created a robust contingency fund to buffer economic downturns.

Vision + Priorities

“For Work…For Play…For Community…For Camas!”

I am passionate about the strengths of our wonderful city, and during my time as your representative, I am committed to ensuring you have a great place to work, play, and enjoy a secure sense of community.

For Work

Economic development is critical to ensuring living-wage jobs and a diversity of profitable businesses in Camas to ensure people have sufficient income to experience financial security.

For Play

I commit to prioritizing recreation opportunities and having ready access to the outdoors and social activities for community members and visitors of all ages and abilities. I value a community where residents can recreate and support their personal passions close to home – this includes parks, trails, green spaces, public facilities, restaurants, shops, and services that people use for personal enjoyment, hobbies, and relaxation.

For Community

I will honor a vision that fosters a sense of authentic belonging and community for all Camas residents and a city culture where all people are included, valued, and respected as an important part of our social ecosystem.

Priorities For Camas City Council

Collaboration is critical when solving complex issues and building achievable city plans. I have a demonstrated history of bringing diverse groups of people and organizations together to learn about issues and concerns to build meaningful shared resolutions and drive community progress.

As your city councilor, I will continue to advocate for a municipal organization that prioritizes the following:

Financial Security. We must prioritize fiscal responsibility and use transparent methods to inform decision-making and budget approval processes to ensure stewardship of the funds entrusted to the city by our residents.

Infrastructure. I commit to advocating for creative investments in city infrastructure to ensure our community can continue to function and thrive at the level that our residents expect and deserve.

Public Safety. We must maintain our mission of ensuring a safe and healthy community by supporting the expertise and recommendations of our committed city staff responsible for maintaining key infrastructure programs and services designed to keep us safe and healthy.